Lion’s Share – eBook
How I time the market



Lion’s Share – eBook

Table of Contents

  1. Market Timing – it can be done!
  2. Advantages to an increased account balance.
  3. Two effective market indicators.
  4. Profitable market timing strategies
  5. What is the Concept of Risk-on and Risk-off?

This Market Timing Guide will teach you all you need to know before you start swimming with sharks. I will give you a comprehensive introduction to timing the market with a precision you never thought possible.

My name is Mark E. Johnson and I am the author of this e-book. Why should you listen to me? Thanks to my Dad, I was introduced to investing at an early age via Forbes Magazine, Value Line and Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week. I was fortunate to become a Senior Portfolio Manager with over one billion dollars under management. After 10 years of portfolio management, I started Lion’s Share Investing. My Lion’s Share Investing newsletters are published every week and I eat my own cooking to invest. I continue to speak at many meetup investing groups for Worden Software and for Investor’s Business Daily, to a hungry group of students.


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How I time the market”

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