Lion’s Share – Daily Rocket

From: $997.00 for 1 year



Lion’s Share Daily Rocket: Published every market day.

  1. Learn Daily Japanese Candles
  2. Receive strength or weakness in the upcoming open of the stock market
  3. Receive the Top Mover from the LS Daily Rocket List from the prior market day. These top movers usually have huge volume and make a great watchlist.
  4. Receive two new additions with each Daily Rocket. These tend to be top performers from the prior day. These too make a good 2nd watchlist
  5. Emailed every market day with what the prior candle in the S&P-500 Index was and also if there was an associated pattern that  developed. This helps to learn Japanese Candlesticks.
  6. Gives the stage analysis of when the market is overbought or oversold.
  7. Provides what the overnight futures are doing and how the US market may open either weaker or stronger.
  8. Provides potential acquisition targets by tracking Top Movers who become Top Movers more than 2 times
  9. Provides solid growth stock investing.
  10. Several subscribers have become millionaires by purchasing all of the daily rockets and using a 1% stop loss form their entry.


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Length of Time

One year $997/per year, Two years/$1497 ($748.50/per year)


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